Dear Centrum, I am very glad that this method of natural conception exists. Since I don’t use artificial means, I value this method...
Dear doctor, You have advised us and now we have a beautiful, healthy boy. For all you have done for us, thank you so much!
Dear Mr. Jonáš, 34 years ago you made a calculation for my parents, when they should conceive me. I even have a picture with you when I was...

Natural Conception Control - "Jonas Method"

In 1956, August 15, Dr. Eugen Jonas discovered his first thesis in the field of natural conception control and he devoted his discoveries to Virgin Mary on the very same day, as it is the Day of Assumption, to help women and mothers, who ask for a calculation.

It was his response to the law that legalised abortions in Hungary.
The method of Dr. Jonas is based on two independent cycles of fertile days in women. No medication is taken thus the method has no negative effect on the body.

It turned out that the natural conception control has a potential for further use besides contraception.

In the following years I have elaborated my method and now I offer 8 different calculation types for women.
They vary from the calculation of infertile days (natural contraception), through the calculation of fertile days and of conception of a viable child to gender selection.

The accuracy of my calculations has been proved during 35 years and is reliable in 98% of cases, which is the maximum in the field of natural sciences and medicine.

At the moment I focus my research on calculations of the gender of the first child, which is determined already at the point of birth of the woman - future mother. The reliability is so far only 70% and therefore this type of calculations is not yet on offer.

MUDr. Eugen Jonáš,
Stella Jónášová, daughter

Calculations are devided into two types:

  A. small calculation          B. special calculation

and four groups:     

I.    Naturally infertile days – contraception

II.  Gender selection – a boy or a girl

III.  Optimal fertile days – problem to get pregnant

IV.  The dates of “good vitality" – a miscarriage,         complications

Calculation of Natural Conception Control can be ordered at one of the 4 Centers Jonas, led him trained associates:

CENTRUM JONAS - main Center

Dr. Eugen Jonáš, Stella Jónášová
MAŇA, Slovakia
Dr. Stanislav Bílík, Csc.
Czech Republic
Dr. Pánszky Gyula
Željko Jurič